Support the “BREAKING NEWS” Project 

BREAKING NEWS is a “positive attacks” program in the main tourist sites around the world. The aim of such attacks is to rebuild the sense of these places often stifled by mass tourism. The project “Breaking News” is to create “attacks” similar to that achieved at the Abbey of Sénanque in France and at the Hotel Helvetia in Porretta Terme. The video you find on this page presents the intervention at Sénanque where a simple action has allowed the tourists slowdown. The documentation of Sénanque Project on “Luca Rossi Lab” (click here)  presents a micro universe, a landscape made up of many small elements until you find a small Tao formed by dust. The case preserves the sense of that place as a sense of transcendence and spirituality that crosses different cultures and religions. You can concretely support “Breaking News”.

On this page you can support the project receiving the gift of the works of the series “Freeze Masters” (click here to see the works available or request your personalized artwork). You can also directly support the project through PayPal at this address:

For further information please contact: 0039 347 8864509 –